This article is about the character Edwardo Napalm Nipples, if you were looking for the episode, click here.

Story Edit

Edwardo Napalm Nipples was born 14 Degrees Before War and lived in the Shamba realm, a major farming realm with only a small population. In his childhood, Edwardo witnessed the beginning of the war, and thousands of soldiers turning the farmland that he worked on into a battlefield.

This event caused him to go missing for many degrees, training himself in the lands where realms meet, alone. This is where he realised his ability, to move unnoticed, silent and fast. When he re-surfaced, it was 4 degrees after the war's beginning, and he worked covertly to kill small groups of soldiers in outposts or on patrols. Not much was known about him, but tales spread quickly, becoming a common campfire story that civilians would tell to give their children hope.

Edwardo used a mixture of stealth, brute strength, and sheer speed to take out his enemies. His known armory consists of only two items: His bo staff and scavenged grenades from his victims. He has been recorded performing a brutal finisher where he pierces the sternum with his bo, and pulls down to the pelvis, flicking out to the side. This allows him to detach and break parts of the body vital for survival, killing almost instantly.

Since the war ended partway through the 93rd degree, Edwardo has not been seen, though rumors have begun circulating about his rise again, along with other Intergalactic Space Ninjas in the early 100s.

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