This article is about the character Beast Master, if you were looking for the episode, click here.

Story Edit

Beast Master was reborn in Booligal 73 degrees after the war began. He is one of the youngest Intergalactic Space Ninjas, and possesses the power to control wild animals to serve him in battle.

He originally came into existence a very long time ago as a very powerful soul wandering in a metaphysical form. When the war broke out in the city he occupied, he abandoned his metaphysical form to occupy that of fleeing animals in order to escape the conflict. Degrees later he left the host and his spirit floated freely once again.

In 73DAW he was reborn as an Intergalactic Space Ninja with the power to communicate with animals. This is theorised to be the result of spending many years sharing consciousnesses with many creatures.

In 104DAW, something resonated deep within Beast Master which alerted him of a growing power. Beast Master was to hunt down VapeKeeper and contain this power. After a long battle Beast Master claimed the blue power amulet, but before VapeKeeper could be contained, he escaped.

Later in the same degree, after vigorous training in the Booligan cactus fields, VapeKeeper returned for revenge. After a heated argument and a brutal battle, they put aside their differences and created an alliance where they could follow the ways of the original Intergalactic Space Ninja.

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